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Two reasons that assure us Leroy Sane will move to Bayern

We could easily say that it’s been the saga for the summer. Will Sane move to Bayern or will he sign a new contract with Manchester City.

Leroy Sane has recently returned from holiday and is said to make a decision soon on what he wants to do.

Christian Falk’s connection with Rummenigge

Christian Falk, a German journalist who Bild, is well known in the industry for possessing incredible psychic powers.

Falk is well known for his strong insider connections to Bayern, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, he gets his information by astrally projecting to Säbener Strasse and listening in on confidential meetings and conversations.

Today, he shared an update regarding Leroy Sane transfer saga.

Leroy Sane wearing red hoodie

This needs no explanation. Manchester City’s colors are blue, Bayern colors are red. Leroy Sané was spotted coming to Manchester City training today wearing a red hoodie. And that can only mean that he’s joining Bayern.

It is well known that footballers make their feelings known by their choice of wardrobe, almost like highly-paid chameleons. Here, Sané is clearly hinting at his impending move to Bayern, and Manchester City felt so threatened that they had to delete the tweet.

Of course, it could just be that Sane casually chose to wear a red hoodie to training, but that make no sense.

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